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Dan is a founder of JewThink, admin of SAAS, editor of DailyJews, Chair of the JVS, and a Technology consultant.  In his spare time he sleeps.

Leaders take a moral stand on the Uyghurs, why not on Palestine?

As more news and leaks come out of China about their treatment of the Muslim Uyghurs, Jewish leaders in the UK have become more and more outspoken on the issue. In the past week, the Board of Deputies has released a statement, as have many community groups and rabbis including the still influential emeritus Chief […]


Covid has made me more engaged with the community

A former frummer, my life used to revolve around Shul, Shabbat meals, family and learning. Social interactions have also played a massive role in my life, and this hasn’t changed significantly. I’ve slowly become less religious over the past decade, and my relationship to Judaism has changed, evolved and adapted. My identity is now expressed […]

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