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In 2008, my book, Jews & Sex was published. It reflected on the relationship between Jews and issues of sex and sexuality, opening up what Keith Kahn-Harris called ‘the hidden worlds of Jews and sex’.

This included essays on lesbian Yiddish poetry, Jews in the porn industry, representations of Jews and sex in the work of various artists, filmmakers and novelists, including Woody Allen, Phillip Roth and Howard Jacobson, Jewish erotic theology and homosexuality and liminality in Judaism.

To celebrate the bat mitzvah of the book, I invited the original contributors, and others, to reflect on what has changed since then (if anything). Should we still be writing about Woody Allen, or has our view on him changed? What about Jeffrey Epstein or Harvey Weinstein?

What follows is their responses but JewThink is open to more.

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute. The responses can be in any form: prose, poetry, fiction, art, film and so on.

This is a unique opportunity to publish thoughts and works about the relationship between Jews and sex that would not be possible elsewhere.

Jews & Sex is published by Five Leaves, £12.99, or available directly from me.

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I teach film studies at Bangor University in north Wales where I live. I research, write and broadcast regularly (in Welsh and English) on transatlantic Jewish culture and history.
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