JewThink is a project to set up a popular, not for profit service to allow diverse Jewish voices to be heard in Britain.  

Why do we need JewThink? 

Existing Jewish publications in the UK are struggling. The circulation of print-based media continues to dwindle and close, and websites fight to produce revenue. At the same time, newspapers are subject to editorial decisions. 

JewThink aims to be an open, democratic platform for discussion and debate – free from the commercial pressures that drive other newspapers and websites. 

What JewThink isn’t 

JewThink does not support any particular political party.

There are people who want what’s best for the Jews in the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives and the Green Party, and they all have something to contribute. We will however not tolerate abusiveness and factional attempts to delegitimize other Jews. 

We note that angry and divisive debates over the emotive issues of Israel and antisemitism are common in both Jewish and non-Jewish publications. JewThink seeks to encourage a different kind of conversation. We will challenge contributors to ‘tell us something we didn’t know’; to find fresh angles and fresh ways of telling them. 

JewThink will not be a 24/7 news network 

We won’t be competing against the Jewish Chronicle, the Jewish News or Jewish Telegraph

Because we are released from the understandable pressure to fill pages, we would happily publish a handful of good pieces every week. 

We understand that today people dip into individual stories through social media. They are not dependent on one source as they used to be. 

There is no reason for us to waste precious resources creating content that is already being supplied by other sites. 

JewThink is not a commercial platform 

We do not have any click targets for our articles. We do not have any shareholders or funders to please. 

We will ask for donations and show occasional adverts. But any money made will be invested back into the service. 

JewThink is nothing without YOU 

A rule of thumb for contributing is: what can I not get published in any other existing British Jewish publication or platform? 

If you think it is not up to scratch, and that you could do better, please contribute. 

We don’t just need contributors, but also those with expertise in data, coding, and business. Let us know what is important to you. 

If you don’t have the time to contribute content, please consider a donation so that we can keep the site going. 

Thank you very much 

The JewThink team 

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