Life Eve

Life Eve poem featured

Ophir J. Bitton

A kiss my brother a hug my brother
You have created yet another
A life with the name we share,
The name of our father,
A brother to your children real
Like me, like you, brothers are we
A dream for him, the yet unborn,
A life well spent, laughter, and more
Tomorrow a stork at your door
A child in the house of Israel
In your home, the place you built
There is a sun, it has hands,
They pierce the clouds of March,
They cradle your home,
They protect your family,
They bring light 
and place in each your child’s eyes
Tomorrow they will deliver your son,
my nephew, 
A kiss my brother a hug my brother
You have honored our father
You with the name of our father’s father
You and the child’s mother,
			you my brother.

Ophir Jacob Bitton was born in Israel to Moroccan parents.  He immigrated to the United States in 1978 as a child.  He writes about Jewish spirituality, culture, family life, nature and social justice issues he experiences as an attorney.  He has self-published a collection of poetry written about his courtship of his wife (Becoming Eyes, Aventine Press 2008), and his poetry has recently been published in the Jewish Literary Journal and Poetica Magazine.
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