To Life

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Ophir J. Bitton

Where does one go from here,

In abundant clouds of marmalade –

mobility is futile and success is falling

down, feet were meant to be planted

in the ground, with posthumous roots

sprawling like streams of water seeking

independent routs to a common destination

Yet to fall in triumph, the soul must ascend

The spirit transcend, and the body defend

From here one goes to the place of the living

God quenches all with the nectar of hope

So, fear not when the sun does set to reveal

an even brighter more seductive

and comforting light, for you have fought

the good, noble, and moral fight


Ophir Jacob Bitton was born in Israel to Moroccan parents.  He immigrated to the United States in 1978 as a child.  He writes about Jewish spirituality, culture, family life, nature and social justice issues he experiences as an attorney.  He has self-published a collection of poetry written about his courtship of his wife (Becoming Eyes, Aventine Press 2008), and his poetry has recently been published in the Jewish Literary Journal and Poetica Magazine.
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