A dream of light

A dream of light featured

A new poem by Bruce Black.

Let there be light, You said in the long-ago time 
when You were creating the world, and there was light.
Let there be the sky and the sea, You said, and out of 
nothingness You formed the heavens and the deep.
You breathed and birds spread their wings and flew into 
the air, and fish splashed their fins in the waters of the sea
that You had created.
And You said let us create man in our image and woman 
to keep him company, and out of the dust of the earth 
You fashioned them, man and woman.
You breathed life into their souls, and they opened
their eyes to see the beauty that You had created, and 
You told them to care for all that You had made.
And now we walk the earth in awe of the miracles 
You created, and we nurture Your world, planting, sowing, 
watering and harvesting when it's time to reap and 
bring in the fruit of the fields.
Above us blue sky, and across the earth, as far as 
we can see, grass and trees and plants, and each morning 
we inhale the sweet fragrance of life that You made.

Bruce Black is the author of Writing Yoga (Rodmell Press/Shambhala) and editorial director of The Jewish Writing Project. He received his BA from Columbia University and his MFA from Vermont College. His work has appeared in Elephant Journal, Blue Lyra Review, Tiferet Journal, Hevria, Poetica, Reform Judaism, The Jewish Literary Journal, Mindbodygreen, Yogi Times, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and elsewhere. He lives in Sarasota, FL.
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Aviva Berg
Aviva Berg
2 years ago

What a beautiful poem, Bruce. It is so nice, “to inhale the sweet fragrance of life,” walking in the morning!

Bruce Black
Bruce Black
Reply to  Aviva Berg
2 years ago

Thanks, Aviva, for your kind words. Those morning walks are special, aren’t they?

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