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I teach film studies at Bangor University in north Wales where I live. I research, write and broadcast regularly (in Welsh and English) on transatlantic Jewish culture and history.

A Golden Age of Jewish Television?

Nathan Abrams reflects on current Jewish television, wondering if we are now enjoying a golden age of Jews on the box. ‘When Did TV Get So Jewish?’ proclaimed Vanity Fair recently.   On almost every channel, we find Jews on television, both factual and fictional. We have also seen more and more Jews both as central and incidental characters and […]


From Aliyah to ‘I’m A Celebrity’: Gwrych Castle’s Secret Jewish History

Nathan Abrams reveals the forgotten Jewish history of Gwrych Castle. One thing that has been missed in the excitement of the announcement that Gwrych Castle in Abergele, north Wales is hosting I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here is the location’s Jewish history. During the Second World War, Jewish refugee children were housed in […]


The Jam, Jews and JFS: ‘To Be Someone’ by Ian Stone

Nathan Abrams speaks to Jewish comedian Ian Stone about his new book To Be Someone. Ian Stone might not be the first Jewish standup comedian you’d think of, but he’s been around for over twenty years, appearing on television, radio and podcasts. In his newly published memoir, To Be Someone, he recounts his lifelong passions of listening to The Jam […]


‘Chlandidneh’: The Jewish History of the Queen of Welsh Resorts

As many of you consider, go on, or return from your staycation this summer, one place that remains a draw is the north Wales town of Llandudno. The Daily Telegraph recently described it as, ‘The old-fashioned seaside town that’s suddenly back in vogue’. It is so popular with Haredi visitors that they were even willing to break England and Wales’ lockdown […]


Jews and Cheese: An Ambivalent Relationship

Nathan Abrams explores the curious relationship between Jews and cheese. The issue of Stilton cheese, which is holding up any potential UK trade deal with Japan, got me thinking about the relationship between Jews and cheese.  Despite the modern Israeli’s love of all things to do with cottage cheese, one does not automatically associate Jews the stuff. Has Israel made a […]


What Prickled Me About ‘An American Pickle’

Nathan Abrams rants about why he didn’t like An American Pickle. I was looking forward to watching An American Pickle, Seth Rogen’s latest movie. As I have written here, I am a fan of his films, and the furore caused by his appearance on the Marc Maron show only intensified my expectations. An American Pickle […]


What next? Pineapple and Strawberry flavoured Jaffa Cakes!

McVitie’s has launched a range of pineapple flavoured Jaffa Cakes.  Jewish reactions have been mixed. ‘OH NO — as if 2020 couldn’t get worse!’ said one poster on my Facebook page.  To be fair, other than the name, there is nothing Jewish about Jaffa Cakes.   The food takes its name from the Jaffa varietal of orange, which was first produced in the city […]


My Hero, Seth Rogen

I have long admired Seth Rogen and I still do. No amount of selective quotation from his hour-long interview with Marc Maron will change my mind. In fact, it has reinforced my appreciation for him. Rogen (whose surname must be mispelled as often as mine is) first came into my life as part of Judd […]


Alan Parker’s Five Most Jewish Films

While he was not Jewish, Alan Parker who passed away on July 31st, created some memorable Jewish moments onscreen. Here are the top five. The Evacuees (1975) The Evacuees was an episode of the BBC’s Play for Today series written by Jack Rosenthal. Loosely based on Rosenthal’s own experiences of World War Two, it focuses on the lives of […]


Why we need more research on how Anglo-Jewry profited from slavery

Jews were not overrpresented in the slave trade but we still have a difficult history to confront. Nathan and Jonathan Abrams call for more research to assess Anglo-Jewry’s legacy of slavery. The database of the Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slave-ownership makes interesting reading and some of it is not so comfortable for England’s Jews.   It reveals […]

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