Good To Be A Jew

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Robert “Smokey” Miles pens an original poem.
 How’d you like to be a Jew? 
 Yeah, you could be a Hebrew too 
 when someone says to you, “so nu?” 
 you can say “vos machts du?” too.
 Think Yiddish, speak British 
 they used to say 
 read the Torah, dance the hora 
 let the klezmer play
 In the schmatta business 
 or in Hollywood, it's true
 It's good to be a Jew.
 How’d you really like to be
 one of the chosen of the M.O.T.? 
 Have matzo balls and you'll agree 
 there's something going on culinarily.
 So get off your tuchas
 dance to the band 
 shep a little nachas, 
 visit the Holy Land 
 wave a flag that's white and blue 
 say, “It's good to be a Jew”.
 Who cares if most everywhere 
 some don’t like Jews? That's no jive. 
 but through 5000 years 
 somehow the Jews survived. 
 With Manischewitz wine 
 let’s toast and take a sip 
 let the moyels do real fine 
 as they try not to nick the tips.
 What a real ordeal each boy goes through
 Too young to know if it’s good to be a Jew.
 Would you feel a bit more right 
 if you were a Semite tonight
 lit all the Hanukkah lights 
 and your haftorah you'd recite?
 You could be Ashkenazic or Sephardic 
 on Shabbos it'd be a mitzvah to be lethargic.
 You could join that ancient biblical crew 
 You see, it’s good to be a Jew.                             
 Good To Be A Jew (2)
 Jews come from every place 
 and every living color
 Hamantaschen hit the spot
 tasty as any cruller.
 Jews may answer queries
 simply with another question
 and they inquire all the time
 about your health and your digestion.
 And there’s a good chance 
 it’s an MD who’s asking you -
 lots of doctors are Jews too
 yeah, it’s good to be a Jew.
 You might be born a Jew, 
 Or somehow become one too
 And then once you have arrived
 to the tribe that's still alive
 you could wander 
 and ponder over stuff
 the community’s tight knit
 you could practice Jewish wit
 dip an apple in some honey, mazel tov
 if you enjoy this unique world view
 then it’s good, yes it’s good, to be a Jew.

Robert "Smokey" Miles is a recording artist, singer/songwriter, poet, multi-instrumentalist, playwright, actor, host, comedian and visual artist. As his alter-ego Count Smokula, he has been described as a Yiddish Dracula or as Bela Lugosi meets Jackie Mason, and is considered to be a cult icon. He is a graduate of Princeton University and has performed internationally.
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