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Robert "Smokey" Miles is a recording artist, singer/songwriter, poet, multi-instrumentalist, playwright, actor, host, comedian and visual artist. As his alter-ego Count Smokula, he has been described as a Yiddish Dracula or as Bela Lugosi meets Jackie Mason, and is considered to be a cult icon. He is a graduate of Princeton University and has performed internationally.
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Good To Be A Jew

Robert “Smokey” Miles pens an original poem.   How’d you like to be a Jew? Yeah, you could be a Hebrew too when someone says to you, “so nu?” you can say “vos machts du?” too. Think Yiddish, speak British they used to say read the Torah, dance the hora let the klezmer play In […]

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Adam and Eve

A new poem by Robert ‘Smokey’ Miles. The first man looked at the rib girlWho was ripped right from his chestHe said ‘You look cute in your birthday suitAnd I really do dig your breasts.’Then he palindromed ‘Madam I’m Adam!’She said, ‘I’m Eve, please don’t leave!’And soon they got up and at ’emAnd reproduced like […]

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