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Jay Prosser is working on a book about his Asian-Jewish family. He is reader in humanities at the University of Leeds.

Racial Inclusivity in the Jewish Community: The Long View, Part II

In Part 2 of a two-part series, Jay Prosser concludes that loving strangers is the solution. So, having identified the historical problem of racial exclusion within Jewish communities, what’s the solution? Can the past also offer us lessons here?  While there were racial divisions in Bombay and Singapore, in both places, my family history presents a different story.  They leave me, I’ve come to realise, with a Jewish legacy of loving strangers.  Much […]


Racial Inclusivity in the Jewish Community: The Long View

In Part 1 of a two part series, Jay Prosser explores Jewish Racism in Bombay and Singapore. The Board of Deputies’ Commission on Racial Inclusivity in the Jewish Community could herald a sea change in Jewish communities becoming truly welcoming of Black (and other non-white) members.    The six-month enquiry, which has been initiated by the Board itself, is an expression of solidarity with […]

The Merchant of Venice 1 featured

‘And spet upon my Jewish gaberdine’

Jay Prosser reviews The Merchant of Venice on BBC iPlayer. Watching the BBC iPlayer’s screening of The Merchant of Venice, Culture in Quarantine: Shakespeare on the BBC iPlayer in the age of COVID makes for a surreal experience, either like time-travelling or being dropped onto a different planet. It’s not only because this recording is from 2015, of the Royal Shakespeare Company directed under Polly Findlay. Nor is […]

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