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Roma Cohen lives in Leeds, is Vice President of Harrogate Synagogue and co-chair of Leeds Limmud.

Zoom Connections

Roma Cohen writes about organising services, via Zoom, for a small and aging regional congregation. On Sunday 26th July 2020, the 102nd Annual General Meeting of our small northern ‘friendly, warm and welcoming’ Harrogate synagogue took place for the first time through the medium of Zoom.  The much respected, dedicated Chair of fifty years plus […]

davening featured

Davening during lockdown

Davening during the lockdown due to Covid-19 has been an entirely different experience.   During normal times, davening is confined predominantly to morning Shabbat and Yom Tov services in shul. But during the pandemic, it has involved attending virtual Shacharit services led by Senior Minister Albert Chait of the United Hebrew Congregation, Leeds.   I made a […]

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