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Yvette Deane is a freelance writer interested in politics and Jewish culture. She began her professional career on a Fulbright grant at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Previously a Breaking News Editor, Yvette has experience writing for newspapers and think tanks. She has a Master's in International Affairs from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts from the Macaulay Honors College at Queens College in political science and sociology.
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A Revolt Against Jewish Body Shaming

Yvette Deane writes about the Iraqi Jewish punk rock band challenging notions of beauty and Jewish power. On the fifth night of Hannukah, Loolwa Khazzoom released her latest single, “I Love My Jew Fro.” Khazzoom and her punk rock band, Iraqis in Pajamas, opened the song with a Hebrew poem, Ya Hasel Yona Mehaka, traditionally […]

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