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Dating the Exodus

Dating the Exodus

Annette Duckworth asks how did two different dates arise. In 1822, Jean-Francois Champollion, the French Egyptologist and linguist achieved his first true breakthrough in the translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics, with the decipherment of the two Pharaonic names, ‘Ramesses’ and ‘Thutmose’. This must have caused great excitement throughout the world of biblical scholarship because the Bible […]

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Jews & Crime

As any historian will tell you, one of the ways we discover Jews in far-flung places is through accounts of criminal activity both perpetrated by and against Jews. This series proposes to reflect on the relationship between Jews and issues of crime and criminality, opening up the hidden worlds of Jewish criminals and criminal behaviour. […]

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Mazel Tov to the Golden Globe Winners

The results of the Golden Globes were announced last night. To congratulate the Jewish winners and those shows with some Jewish content, here is a reminder of what our film and television critics thought of them. Schitt’s Creek (two awards) may not be The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, says Vincent Brook, but it is marvellous and very, […]

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JewTh!nk’s Top Ten Most Read of 2020

In reverse order, here are our top ten most read pieces since our launch in July. 10. As part of our series on the pandemic, Alastair Falk reflected on how the pandemic made us all a little bit Jewish. Read the full piece here. 9. It would be no surprise that a piece about the […]

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JewTh!nk’s Year in Review

Given that we only launched in July, this will have to be a half-year review. Here is our roundup of the top five films, television shows and books of (the second half of) 2020. Films Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Was this the best Jewish film of the year? Technically and aesthetically, probably not but in terms […]

A letter in support of Professor David Feldman and the Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism

While JewThink has no editorial ‘line’, it exists to be a platform for debate and discussion within and outside the UK Jewish community.  We were approached by the organisers of the following jointly-signed letter that was published in the Jewish Chronicle on 23 December 2020. They wished to ensure that the letter was more visible […]


Want to Write for Us?

We are always looking for new contributors to tell us something we didn’t know; to find fresh angles and fresh ways of telling them.  If you feel you have something new and interesting to say, please consult our contributor guidelines and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you. The JewThink Team.


Reflecting on Rosh Hashana: A Call for Contributions

JewThink would like to mark this extraordinary Rosh Hashanah by collating and publishing some reflections on other Jewish new years past and present. These can be brief, funny and irreverent or longer and more reflective. What was your most disastrous Rosh Hashanah? What was your most uplifting? What new possibilities does Rosh Hashanah in semi-lockdown […]


Introducing JewTh!nk

JewThink is a project to set up a popular, not for profit service to allow diverse Jewish voices to be heard in Britain. Existing Jewish publications in the UK are struggling. The circulation of print-based media continues to dwindle and close, and websites fight to produce revenue. At the same time, newspapers are subject to […]

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The Pandemic and British Jewish Culture

Welcome to JewThink. To kickstart our first ‘issue’, we issued an open invitation for reflections on the following questions: 1. What will British Jewish culture look like after the pandemic? 2. How has the pandemic affected how we think about British Jewish culture? 3. What types of British Jewish culture have you been consuming during […]

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