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Hayden Cohen is a writer, performer and podcaster. Season 2 of The Bagel Podcast (which he hosts and produces) will be released in the autumn.

Wiley Has Made Jews Less Safe

Allegedly someone was allegedly eating an alleged banana seductively. Now if that sentence seemed OK, that’s probably how we got to the point that The Guardian and Sky News both saw fit to describe Wiley’s antisemitic tirade as ‘alleged’. I’m not saying that certain media outlets don’t take antisemitism seriously… actually that’s exactly what I’m […]


How will Jewish culture be impacted as a result of the pandemic?

I’ve always felt that Nostradamus and I are kindred spirits. We both make predictions and we both get those predictions incredibly wrong. However, the task at hand is to have a stab as to how Jewish culture will be affected by the pandemic and who doesn’t love some blind supposition?   For about five years, I’ve […]

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