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Martin is a community development worker who provides training for public sector organisations on various aspects of LGBTI+ rights, including intersex and neurodiversity, as well as being an advocate for religious literacy among LGBTI+ communities. He is a member of the Society for Humanistic Judaism and grew up in Hereford and Worcester to a mixed British-Italian-Albanian family. He is also a sociolinguist with a Masters in Language Documentation for endangered languages and has a BA in Anthropology and Community Development. He has previously worked with the CPS to improve the police force’s response to hate crime reports from marginalised communities.
trrans Jewishness

Intersex and Trans Jewish Lives

Martin H. Di Maggio argues that the time to act is now. Shortly after I was born, nurses noticed that I was “a bit different from other boys” and took me to have chromosome tests (without informing my mother) to verify my sex. It wasn’t enough that I “looked like a boy” or that I […]

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