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Myra Woolfson grew up in Glasgow and has lived in Nottingham for many years.
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A Weekend of Yiddish

Myra Woolfson kvetches about the joys of planning a Jewish-themed event. This summer, some 50 to 60 Yiddishists will spend a happy weekend in a former stately home in the heart of Yorkshire. Everything will be in Yiddish – meals, coffee breaks, talks, walks, learned discussion and gossip. There will be opportunities to hear poetry […]

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A Jewish army doctor and the gift of a German war widow

Myra Woolfson reminisces about her late father and the interesting set of items he brought home from the war. My late father, Captain Vernon Smith, was a doctor in the Royal Army Medical Corps from November 1941 until March 1946. He joined up towards the end of his first hospital job following graduation. When he […]

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