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Ruben Vis is a Jewish leader in the Netherlands and serves on the boards of several national interreligious affairs committees including the NIK – the umbrella organization of Jewish Communities in the Netherlands and the CJO -- Central Jewish Organization of the Netherlands, the representative organization of the Jewish community to the Dutch government.

Pour Out Your Rage

Ruben Vis reflects on a key passage in the Haggadah. If the word Seder means order, then every piece in the Haggada must be in its correct place. Why, then, immediately after the meal, do we read a passage that seems out of place and why is it even there in the first place? It […]

anne Art feature

How the Anne Frank Cold Case Team Betrayed the World

Ruben Vis explains how the recent revelations about Anne Frank’s alleged betrayer are wrong. Who betrayed Anne Frank and the others who were hiding with her? The question has been a source of speculation and research ever since Otto H. Frank, Anne’s father and sole survivor of the eight, returned from Auschwitz in the summer […]

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