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This is an extract from Modern Times: The Biography of a Hungarian-Jewish Family, published by Brandram in the UK in 2021. Stephen Pogany is a writer, political commentator and literary translator, currently based in Budapest Hungary. He has taught at the universities of Edinburgh, Hull, Exeter, City University, London and Warwick, as well as at the Central European University, Budapest. He is currently working on a book with the provisional title: Transylvania: An Alternative History of Europe.
Liberal Drippings of Pork Fat feature

Liberal Drippings of Pork Fat

Stephen Pogany contributes an exclusive extract from his book Modern Times: The Biography of a Hungarian-Jewish Family. Throughout her married life in Budapest, my Jewish grandmother invariably cooked with pork fat. She also spread pork dripping liberally on toast as a tasty snack for herself and her family, in open defiance of one of the most […]

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